Brain Games For Puppies, with Thea and Troy


Brain Games For Puppies, with Thea and Troy
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Thea - Danehaven Lahave of Ambertollers, and Troy - Arbetsviljans Granit of Ambertollers have recently taken part in a photo shoot for a new book from Claire Arrowsmith, Brain Games For Puppies, due to be published in Autumn 2014 by Interpet Publishing.

We already own one of Claires DVD's, Teaching Tricks, and one of her books, Brain Games For Dogs and we really enjoy her work so it was a real treat for us, as well as the dogs, to go to the shoot.

Claire Arrowsmith began her career with an Honours Degree in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen after growing up in the Highlands of Scotland. After travelling abroad and assisting on academic research projects involving Koala Bears and Sleepy Lizards in Australia, she won a Scottish SPCA scholarship and returned to the UK to study for her Masters of Science Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare at the University of Edinburgh. This was where she learned about the important role of behaviour counsellors and realised that this was what she wished to do. During her Masters degree Claire conducted research into methods of predicting future owner-directed aggression in rescue dogs, the findings of which she has presented in Boston U.S.A. and at the Companion Animal Behaviour Study Therapy Group 2000 seminar in Birmingham.

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