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Troy was born on 30th September 2012 from Ari - Hunter's Moonlight Canadian Renard and Meja - Arbetsviljans Fågelbärlöv in Sweden and entered the UK on 30th Jan 2013. He is super bright and has bags of 'attitude' and we can't begin to thank his breeder enough for all her work with him until he was ready to travel.

Troy is now fully into his agility training and he is excelling and really enjoying himself. Troy's agility trainer says he is the BEST Toller she has ever come across and she even wanted to know if the same pairing of Meja and Ari would happen again as she'd love a Toller just like Troy.






Current BVA/KC Eye Scheme - 17/12/2015 - All Clear.

CEA/CH (Collie Eye Anomaly / Choroidal Hypoplasia) - Clear

prcd-PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration-Progressive Retinal Atrophy)- Clear

DE (Degenerative Encephalopathy) - Clear by Parentage

CP1 (Cleft Palate) - Clear

CPS (Cleft Lip/Palate Syndactyly) - Clear

JADD (Junior Addisons Disease) - Probable Clear

BUF (NSDTR Buff) - Clear

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Carrier

Hip Score     Left 4     Right 7     Total 11  

Elbow Score  Left 0     Right 0     Total 0    

Troys Health Data lodged at the Kennel Club can be found by clicking here.

Troys Pedigree can be found here

Troy is available for stud to select bitches who comply with all current health checks. He is fully proven and has sired four healthy litters to date.

Troys First Litter - Poppy, Katmistsky Alexis Mary

The litter was born 6/11/2014 and all KC registered, healthy puppies went off to their new families in early January 2015

Troys Second Litter - Sienna, Kymin Mississippi

The litter was born 9/1/2015 and unfortunately, have not yet been KC registered as Sienna's breeder has refused to remove an endorsement on Sienna's registration. They have now all gone to their new families.





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