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Ambertollers exists to enjoy, work with and promote the breed of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Working Cocker Spaniels.

We have now also introduced a 'Sprollie', English Springer -X- Collie, into our pack.

Tollers first came into our lives in 2006, shortly after the loss of our beloved English Springer Spaniel, Dillon. Little did we realise what a fabulous hobby and way of life we were embarking on! The breed is so versatile, they enjoy everything they do whether a simple walk, training or competing. All in all, they're great little dogs that just want to keep on giving.

Our Cockers add an extra dimension to our lives that only a Spaniel can bring.

We are all on a learning curve together, we hope we are able to keep up!


We are situated to the South-East of Maidstone, Kent and our dogs are privileged to enjoy all the benefits of a rural location. The view in the picture is of the Kent Weald, a 3 minute walk away and full of lakes, rivers and orchards populated with ducks, geese, wild pheasant and rabbits. 13 miles away to the North, or 1/2 an hour in the car, we have the marshlands of the lower Medway, a very popular area for wildfowling and during the shooting season, dogs are regularly worked here. 20 miles to the South-East, an hours drive away, are the Romney Marshes, another very stunning area for wildfowl.  

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