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We are pleased to announce that on 8th November 2016 Ruby successfully whelped 5 beautiful puppies


All the puppies have now gone to their new forever homes, thank you for watching our puppycam

    Puppy 1 - Golden girl               Puppy 2 - Black boy             Puppy 3 - Blue Roan/Fleck girl      Puppy 4 - Blue Roan/Fleck boy    Puppy 5- White/Gold girl

  Ambertollers Ruby Love             Ambertollers Wild World           Ambertollers Upsy Daisy          Ambertollers Don't be Shy         Ambertollers Into White

            Amber                                                     Pip                                               Molly                                            Marloe                                             Joy


15th Nov 2016


22nd Nov 2016








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